How do I add a card for preauthorized payment?

  1. From the Main Menu, mouse over Employer E-Services, under Payments, click on Preauthorized Payment.

  2. Click Add a Card

  3. Enter:
    a. Contact Name - contact person’s first and last name
    b. Email Address - contact person’s email address
    c. Cardholder Name - name as it appears on the card
    d. Card Number - card number without any spaces
    e. Expiry Date - MMYY format
    f. CSV - code on the back of the card

    Terms and Conditions - Check the box to accept and agree to the terms and conditions.

  4. Click Save. The system validates your card information and if successful puts your card on file.

An email notification is sent to the contact email address, entered above, indicating that a card has been added to the account.

Note: once your card is due to expire, an email notification is sent to the contact email on file.