What is an Incident Owner, and how can I add or delete them?

What is an Incident Owner? The Incident Owner is the only person with full access to an Employer’s Report of Incident – Injury Section. They are responsible for all information and for submitting a completed report. 

You can add to your Employer’s Report of Incident – Injury Section more than one Incident Owner. For example, to have an alternate Incident Owner for when someone is away or on a scheduled-work rotation.

To add an Incident Owner:

From within the Employer’s Report of Injury Console, click the “+” icon located below the current Incident Owner’s Name. Click Add Incident Owner.

From the drop down list, select from the WSCC Connect users for your company that can access Employer’s Report of Incident.

If the wanted Incident Owner is not listed, that person will need to:

  1. Have a WSCC Connect online user account
  2. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link to your employer; and
  3. Have an Employer’s Report of Incident role.

You can select the user from the list and click Save.

To Delete an Incident Owner:
Click the delete icon next to the name of the Incident Owner you wish to remove:

Please note: You cannot delete yourself as an Incident Owner.