How do I return to a saved or pending APR?  

  1. Hover over Employer E-Services. Under Payroll, click Report or Revise Payroll.  


    From the home page, click on the Report Payroll icon.  

  2. Under Report Payroll, you will see the following options:  

    Click Access Advanced Payroll Reporting to start your Annual Payroll Report (APR). 

    If you are not logged in, the system requires you to first log in. If you do not yet have an online user account, you must: 

    a. Create a WSCC Connect online user account; 
    b. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link your newly-created account with your employer; and 
    c. Request permission from your employer’s WSCC Connect Access Administrator to report payroll on your employer’s behalf. 

    The system brings you to the Annual Payroll Reporting e-Service. For each employer, you are able to: 

    Report your payroll 
       - If you have not started your APR, you can click Report Payroll Now
       - If you have started an APR, you can click Complete your Payroll
       - If you have already submitted your APR, you can click View Submitted Payroll

    Report your contractors report 
       - If you have submitted your APR and are required to report contractors, you can click Report My Contractors
       - If you have submitted your contractors report, you can click View Contractors Report. 

    The system displays a countdown clock to indicate how many days are left to report your payroll in order to avoid a penalty. Once you submit an APR for the selected employer, this clock no longer shows. 

    Select your employer from the drop-down list (if not selected by default). If your payroll report is “pending,” you can click Complete Annual Payroll Report to complete it.