How many steps does it take to complete and submit my APR?

It takes five steps to complete an APR, including:

  1. Company Activities
    a) A summary of your company’s current industry classification information; and
    b) An opportunity to update the general description of your company’s description of operations in the Northwest Territories (NT) and Nunavut (NU).

  2. Payroll - Provide the following information for each of the industry subclasses applicable to the NT and/or NU operations of the company:
    a) Actual payroll for the previous calendar year; and
    b) Payroll estimate for the current calendar year.

  3. Employment Data - Provide information on the number of actual full-time equivalent employees who worked for your company within NT and/or NU over the course of the previous calendar year.

  4. OHS Reporting - Provide details on your Occupational Health and Safety program.

  5. Review and Submit
    a) The system checks all the information entered by the user, pointing out any invalid or missing information; and
    b) The user reviews all of the information entered and enters any missing required information.
    Once all required information is provided, you can submit your APR to the WSCC.

    Note: Upon submitting your APR, the system may automatically request that you provide a list of the contractors that your company hired in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut during the previous calendar year.