How do I view my online Account Activity Report?

Move your cursor over Employer E-Services and click on Account Activity and Statements.  Then click on Account Activity Report.


From the home page, click on the Account Activity and Statements icon. Then click on Account Activity Report.

 Account Activity Report: 


  • Employer- The employer for which you would like to view account activity details.
  • Start Date and End Date- Provide a date range for which you would like to view your account activity details.
    Only the Start Date is required.  If you do not select an End Date, the system will default to today’s date.

Click Generate Report. The system will return your Account Activity Report:

  • Payment Schedule- This section provides a payment schedule if you have one and will indicate if you have a payment due immediately. 
  • Make a Payment- To make a payment, click on Make a Payment to go to the Payment e-Service.
  • Account Activity Details - This section lists the details of your transactions.

To Print or Email your report:

  • Email  - Click to send the PDF report to your email.
  • Print  - Click to generate a PDF report.