1. Hover over Employer E-Services. Under PAYROLL, click on Report or Revise Payroll.


    From the Home Page, click on the Report Payroll icon.

    Then click on the Report or Revise Payroll link.

  2. Report Payroll - you will see the following options:

    Click on ‘REVISE PAYROLL’ to start your Revise your Payroll.

  3. If you are NOT logged in, the system requires you to first log in. If you do not yet have an online user account, you must:
    1. Create a WSCC Connect online user account;
    2. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link your newly-created account with your employer; and
    3. Request permission from your employer’s WSCC Connect Access Administrator to revise payroll on your employer’s behalf.
  4. Payroll Revision - please provide your revision:

    1. Select the employer that you wish to submit a revision for from the list.
    2. Check on the ‘I want to revise this payroll’ and then provide your updated payroll:

    3. Select the reason(s) you are providing a payroll revision.
    4. Click on the Submit Payroll Revision. Upon submission, the system:
      1. Submits your Payroll Revision to the WSCC for processing.
      2. Provides you with a Reference Number for your submission:

        Click on ‘OK’ to dismiss the message.

      3. Sends you an email notification containing your Reference Number and a PDF of your payroll revision. Please check your email and confirm receipt of your notification.

    Please note: You cannotprovide a revision if you have not reported your APR or if there are revisions that are not yet processed by the WSCC.

    Print Payroll Revision

    Once submitted, you can print your Payroll Revision as a PDF.