Add a Department

If you have already added the GNWT and you require access to another department, you can add another department. 

  1. Click Add Department from your My Connect page or from within an eService.

  2. You will be required to provide additional information.

You will need provide the following information:

  • Department
    • If you require access to a specific Department, please select that Department from the list.
    • If you require access to the GNWT, please select ALL – EMPLOYER ACCESS from the list.
  • Supervisor Name – provide your supervisor’s full name.
  • Supervisor Contact – provide one method of contact for your supervisor (either an email, or a phone number, or both)
  • Requested Roles – please one or more roles that you will require access to.

Click on Add employer to submit your request. An access request is sent to the Access Administrator. Once they either approve or decline your request, you will receive an email notification.