How can I submit my Annual Payroll Report (APR) using Advanced Payroll Reporting? 

  1. Hover over Employer E-Services. Under Payroll, click Report or Revise Payroll


    From the home page, click on the Report Payroll icon. 

  2. Under Report Payroll, you will see the following options: 

    Click Access Advanced Payroll Reporting to start your Annual Payroll Report (APR).

    If you are not logged in, the system requires you to first log in. If you do not yet have an online user account, you must:

    a. Create a WSCC Connect online user account;
    b. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link your newly-created account with your employer; and
    c. Request permission from your employer’s WSCC Connect Access Administrator to report payroll on your employer’s behalf.

    The system brings you to the Annual Payroll Reporting e-Service. For each employer, you are able to:

    Report your payroll
       - If you have not started your APR, you can click Report Payroll Now.
       - If you have started an APR, you can click Complete your Payroll.
       - If you have already submitted your APR, you can click View Submitted Payroll.

    Report your contractors report
       - If you have submitted your APR and are required to report contractors, you can click Report My Contractors.
       - If you have submitted your contractors report, you can click View Contractors Report.

    The system displays a countdown clock to indicate how many days are left to report your payroll in order to avoid a penalty. Once you submit an APR for the selected employer, this clock no longer shows.

    Select your employer from the drop-down list (if not selected by default) and click Report Payroll Now to start your APR.

  3. Annual Payroll Report - Getting Started 

    The system displays an introductory page that outlines the information/details required to complete your payroll report. 

    Cancel - If you do not have the information required to submit your payroll, click Cancel. When you have obtained all the required information, you can return to this e-Service to submit your payroll. 
    Continue - Click Continue to move to the next step. 

  4. Complete the following five steps: 

    Step 1 - Company Activities 

    The system displays your current company classification for each jurisdiction you operate within. 

    Please provide an updated description of operations:

    Continue - Click to move to the next step. 
    Cancel - Click to cancel your payroll. 

    Step 2 - Payroll 
    Please provide the previous year’s actual payroll and the current year’s estimated payroll for your subclass and jurisdiction(s): 

    Please enter a whole number value on lines 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8. The system automatically calculates lines 3, 5 and 7. 

    Additional Questions 

    Did your company hire any contractors to perform labour in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut in the previous year? If you have hired contractors, then you will be required to submit a Contractors Report. 

    Have you sold your business? If you have not sold your business, answer No. If you have sold your business, answer Yes. You are required to provide some information regarding the purchaser. 

    You have reported $0.00 as your estimated payroll. This means that you do not expect to pay any workers during the current calendar year. Would you like the WSCC to inactivate your employer account? If you have reported $0 in estimated payroll for the jurisdiction(s) in which you operate and would like to inactivate your account, answer Yes
    If you have reported $0 in estimated payroll for the jurisdiction(s) in which you operate and would like your account to remain active, answer No

    Continue - Click to move to the next step. 
    Cancel - Click to cancel your payroll. 
    Step 3 - Actual Employment Data 
    Please enter the number of hours that constitutes a full-time work week and the total number of hours worked in the previous year. The system will calculate the full-time equivalent employees for you. 

    Continue - Click to move to the next step. 
    Cancel - Click to cancel your payroll. 
    Step 4 - OHS Reporting 
    You will be asked to complete the OHS Reporting section if you are required to. If you are not required to, these questions will not be mandatory for you to submit your APR. 

    Please answer: 
    Are you certified by an accredited Occupational Health and Safety Program? 
    Based on your response, the system will display several OHS related questions.

    Continue - Click to move to the next step. 
    Cancel - Click to cancel your payroll. 
    Step 5 - Review and Submit 
    Once you have completed all required fields, you can view your entire Annual Payroll Report (APR) before submitting it. 

    Warning! Missing information is listed as Required and must be completed in order to submit. The APR below is still missing important information, as indicated by the thumbs down icon and is marked in red. 

    To fix this, click on the Edit icon to return to that area and complete any required fields (as indicated by the red Required). 

    Success! You are ready to submit your APR! You have provided all required information! 

    Click Submit to WSCC. Upon submission, the system:

    1. Submits your APR to the WSCC for processing. 
    2. Provides you with a reference number. 
    3. Sends you an email notification containing your reference number and a PDF of your APR. Please check your email and confirm receipt of your notification. 
    4. If you are required to report your contractors, the system will indicate this to you. 

    To report your contractors, please see the Report Contractors help section. 

    Print your APR 
    Once you have submitted your APR, you can also print a PDF of your APR report. 

    Click on the print icon to generate a PDF. You can save this PDF to your computer and/or print it for your paper records.