Report Contractors


By March 15, please provide a list of the contractors whom your company hired in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut during the previous calendar year.


Fast File is the easiest way for employers who belong to a single industry to report their payroll without having to sign up for an online user account. With Fast File, you can quickly report your payroll in one sitting.

To access Fast File, you must provide your company's Employer Number and a corresponding and valid Connect Code. If you are unsure about what your Employer Number or Connect Code is, contact the WSCC at 1-844-238-5008.


The WSCC requires those employers who belong to more than one industry (multi-industry employers) to submit their Annual Payroll Report (APR) using the Advanced Payroll Reporting option. To access Advanced Payroll Reporting you must:
  • 1. Create a WSCC Connect account;
  • 2. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link your newly-created account with your employer; and
  • 3. Request permission from your employer’s WSCC Connect Access Administrator to report payroll on your employer’s behalf.