Manage My Clearances

  1. Hover over Employer e-Services and under Obtain a Clearance, click Manage My Clearances.


    From the home page or My Connect, click on the Obtain a Clearance icon. Then click Manage My Clearances.

    If you are not logged in, the system will require you to log in before you access this e-service.

  2. Search for the contract you wish to view/manage clearances for. 

    a. Employer - Select your employer from the list.
    b. QuickSearch - Enter the full or partial contract name and click QuickSearch.
    c. Status - By default, your search will return “active” contracts. Those are the contracts for which a final clearance has not been issued.
    d. You can also toggle between Show Contracts where I am the Hiring Employer and Show Contracts where I am the Contractor.
    e. Click Show Only Contracts that have not been issued finals if you are trying to locate a contract to issue a final clearance.

  3. Click on the link under Contract Name to open/view the contract. 

    a. Edit Contract - Click to edit/update your contract details.
    b. Edit Contacts - Click to edit/update your contract contacts.
    c. Obtain a Good Standing Clearance - Click to generate a new Letter of Good Standing.
    d. Request a Final Clearance - Click to request a new Final Clearance Letter from the WSCC.
    e. View Clearance Letters - Click on View for each letter to open/view a PDF of the letter.

    Note: If you have just submitted a final request, it may take up to 3 business days to process. Once a final clearance (or Do Not Release) is issued, you can view the letter from this screen.