Claims Experience Report

The Claims Experience report details adjusted claims costs incurred by the WSCC for accepted workplace injuries and/or illnesses associated with a specific employer.

The costs included in this report are those which are incurred in the selected calendar year, in relation to claims which were registered in either the selected or previous four (4) calendar years.

This report allows you (the employer) to understand the costs associated with a specific claim, as well as examine the types of injuries that have occurred, and identify any potential trends. The costs associated with a specific claim are categorized by expense type, and all values are taken directly from the WSCC’s financial reporting system.

This report is the WSCC equivalent of the Claims Expense reports found in other jurisdictions, and can be used by employers during the competitive bidding process.

The following table describes the information contained in the Claims Experience Report: 

Claim IDClaim ID is a specific number identifier assigned to each claim by the WSCC. The Claim ID is an eight digit number and should be used when referencing a claim.
NameThe worker’s official full name.
HarvesterIf the worker is a harvester, it will be identified here.
CategoryThis is the “Claim Type” (see list below).
Accident DateThe date documented in the Incident Report provided to WSCC.
CompensationCosts associated with workers’ wage replacement for lost time.
MedicalCosts associated with medical treatment of the workers’ illness and/or injury.
RehabCosts associated with rehabilitation of the injured/ill worker. Rehabilitation is an action or series of actions for restoring a claimant’s health or normal life (to the extent possible) through training and/or therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and chiropractic etc.)
PensionCosts associated with payments made to a worker who was permanently injured on the job or payments made to spouses/children when a worker was fatally injured.
TotalThis is the total of the four categories (compensation + medical + rehab + pension) YTD MINUS any cost /transfer relief (if applicable). Please note costs shown in any particular year are associated with that year only.
Cost Transfer/ReliefThis line is only displayed when there has been cost transfer or relief applied to the amounts.
The message can take the form of one of the following:
1. Cost Relief at a rate of XX%.
2. Cost Relief at an amount of $XX.
3. Cost Transfer from another employer at a rate of XX%.
4. Cost Transfer from another employer at an amount of $XX.


CATLDClaim Accepted/Time Loss DeniedCLDND
Claim Denied
Delayed Fatal
CLDUPDuplicate ClaimFATALFatalHRLSSHearing Loss
INDSSIndustrial DiseaseIJAINInterjurisdictional Agreement InIJAOUTInterjurisdictional Agreement Out
NCOTBNo Claim - Other BoardNCESTNo Claim EstablishedMAID0No Medical Aid/No Time Loss
NTLSSNo Time LossTLMAJTime Loss MajorTLMODTime Loss Moderate

If you require assistance or clarification please contact Claims Services at 867-920-3888.