How can I submit an Employer’s Report of Incident?

  1. Hover over OHS E-Services. Under Employer’s Report of Incident, click New Incident.

  2. If you are not logged in, the system requires you to first log in. If you do not yet have an online user account, you must:

    a. Create a WSCC Connect online user account;

    b. Use the Add an Employer feature on WSCC Connect to link your user account with your employer; and

    c. Request permission from your employer’s WSCC Connect Access Administrator to allow you an Employer’s Reports of Incident role so you can report on your employer’s behalf.

  3. The system brings you to a New Report of Incident page

    Employer - Select your employer from the list (if you are associated with more than one employer).

    Continue - Click Continue to move to next step.

  4. Employer’s Report of Incident - Getting Started

    The system displays an introductory page that outlines the information/details required to complete your report.

    Cancel - If you do not have the information required to submit the report, click Cancel.

    Continue - Click Continue to move to next step.

  5. The system will save the new incident and assign it a temporary reference number.

    Navigation - To navigate the Incident report, you can click on the navigation side menu OR use the button(s) at the bottom of the web form.

    Print - At any point, you can print your incident report, regardless of whether it is complete. Click the Print icon to print a PDF of your incident report.

    Delete - If for some reason you need to delete an incident report, click the Delete icon. You must confirm before the system will delete the incident report. Please note: If you delete an incident report, you will not be able to retrieve it.

  6. Complete the following five steps:
Note: Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

Step 1 – Employer Details
Please provide the following:
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Information (Provide at least one email address or phone number. If you can, please provide both.)
  • Position Title

Continue - Click to move to the next step.

Step 2 – Incident Details

Please provide all incident details. Completion is mandatory.

Back - Click to move to the previous step.
Continue - Click to move to the next step.

Incident Location:
Select the country from the list. Once selected, the province and territory selections will become available. 

If you need to choose a different country, select the country. This will reveal the checkbox for Province not in list. Click the checkbox. This allows you to put text into the adjacent input field. The same applies to the checkbox for City not in list.

Incident Date and Time:

Scenario 1:

  • If you selected ‘YES’ to ‘Did this Incident occur on a specific date and time?’, in your answers:
  • The 'incident occurred' date and time cannot be a date later than the incident reported date and time you provide in the drop down menus.

Scenario 2:

  • If you selected ‘NO’ to ‘Please provide a date when the symptoms first occurred’, in your answers:
  • The 'symptoms first occurred' date and time cannot be a date later than the 'incident first reported' date and time Also, the first date and time cannot be ahead of (in time) the date and time the incident occurred.

Step 3 – Persons Involved
You must add at least one person to this section. Add as many people involved as you need. Once a person has been added, if you choose to, you can Edit or Delete the person.

Click the “+” icon to add the person’s details. When you’re done, click Save.

To edit their details, click the Edit icon. To remove them from the report, click the Delete icon.

Back - Click to move to the previous step.
Continue - Click to move to the next step.

Step 4 – Attachments
Please provide any relevant documents. You can add none or as many as you need.

Click the “+” icon to Add a Document.

Select the Document Type (Employer’s Investigation Report, Incident Details, etc.) from the drop down list and upload your document(s).

Back - Click to move to the previous step.
Continue - Click to move to the next step.

Step 5 – Review and Submit
Once you have filled out all required fields, review your entire Incident report before submitting to WSCC.

Warning! Missing information is listed as Required and must be completed in order to submit.

To fix this, click on the Edit icon to return to that area and complete any required fields (as indicated by the red Required).

Success! You are ready to submit your Employer’s Report of Incident!

Click Submit to the WSCC. Upon submission, the system:

  1. Submits your Employer’s Report of Incident to the WSCC for processing.
  2. Sends you an email notification containing your reference number and a PDF of your Employer’s Report of Incident.
  3. The system will also advance you to the Employer’s Report of Incident – Injury Section, where you can complete and submit an injury report for each injured worker.

Note: The WSCC will process your Incident within five business days. If you have any concerns, you are welcome to contact the WSCC.