1. Hover over OHS E-Services. Under MINE PERMITS, click on Search Mine Permits.



    From the Home Page, click on the Permits icon.

    Then click on the Search Mine Permits link.

  2. If you are NOT logged in, the system requires you to authenticate. If you do not yet have an online account, please create an account. You will also need to add your employer and request access from you Access Administrator to allow you to Apply for Permits online for your employer.
  3. Search Mine Permits

    1. Please provide your search parameters:
      1. Employer – you can select your employer from the list to see applications/permits specific to that employer.
      2. Reference Number – you can enter your reference number, if you are looking for a specific submission.
      3. Permit # - if a permit has been issued, you can search by the permit number.
      4. Created From Date / To – you can enter a date range if you know when the application was created.
      5. Permit Type – you can search by a specific permit type.
      6. Permit Status – you can search by a specific status

      Click on Search. Your results will appear in the list below the search parameters.

    2. Reference # link – you can click on the Reference # link to open the application. What you can and cannot do within the application will depend on the permit status.

      For example, if the application has been ‘submitted’, then the application will be read-only.

      If the application is ‘Pending’, then the application can be edited by you and submitted to the WSCC for review.

      There are seven possible statuses for your application:

      • Pending: Application still needs to be completed (by you) and submitted.
      • Submitted: WCSS has received your application.
      • Under Review: Someone at the WCSS has been assigned to your application and is reviewing your application within three business days.
      • Client Review: The WCSS has requested that you provide some more information or clarify the information that was provided. You will need to update your application and re-submit it to the WSCC.
      • Approved: Your application was approved and a permit has been issued.
      • Denied: Your application was denied.
      • Cancelled: The permit was cancelled.