How many steps to complete an Asbestos Project Notification?

There are six steps to submitting an Asbestos Project Notification:

  1. Project details - Provide your project dates, details on the worksite/location and the worksite owner contact.
  2. Contractors - Provide the prime contractor, at least one abatement contractor and contractor contacts. If the prime contractor is also performing the abatement work, then you will only need to provide the prime contractor.
  3. Site details - Provide information regarding the asbestos abatement activities and the disposal method.
  4. Asbestos details - Specify each building material confirmed to contain asbestos. Depending on the information provided, the system may determine the risk rating for you.
  5. Project documentation - Provide at least one document for:
    • Emergency procedures
    • Equipment certifications
    • Floor plan
    • Training certificates
    • Work procedures
  6. Review and submit - Take the opportunity to review any information that may be required and has not been completed. Once all the required information is entered, you can submit your notification.