Check the status of your submitted business application

1.    Mouse over Employer E-Services and click Manage Registrations.

Manage REgistrations

2.    Search for your application using the confirmation number, provided to you when submitted the application, in the search bar or by looking through a list of your previously pending and submitted applications.

3.    You can see the status of the registration in the Status column.

4.    There are six possible statuses for your application:

Pending: Application still needs to be completed (by you) and submitted.

Submitted: WCSS has received your application.

Initial Review: Someone at the WCSS has been assigned to your application and is doing an initial review of your application.

Final Review: The WCSS is in the process of completing the final review of your application.

Registered: Your business is now registered. You will receive an email notification when you have been successfully registered.

Not Registered: Your business cannot be registered at this time. You will be contacted by the WSCC.