Add an Employer

Once you log in to WSCC Connect, you need to connect to an employer.

This can be done two ways:

1a. Click add an employer from your MY CONNECT page.

 Add Employer

1b. Hover over MY CONNECTand click Add an Employer.

2. Begin entering your employer’s legal or trade name, and choose from the drop down menu.

If the employer’s name does not appear, contact the WSCC.

 Add Employer - Select your employer

3. Enter the Employer Number and click Add Employer.

Add Employer - Enter Employer Number 

4.  Has an Access Administrator been established? 

If not, you are required to provide the employer’s WSCC Connect code.  If you are unsure of what the employer’s WSCC Connect code is, please contact the WSCC.

Add Employer - Enter Connect Code

Once you are successfully added as the employer’s Account Administrator, click OK to be redirected to the main MY CONNECT Employer e-Services page.

Add Employer - Access Administrator 

If yes, an Access Request is sent to the Access Administrator. Once they either authorize or decline your request, you will receive an email notification.