Yes. There is an option to allow you to simply copy the contents of an existing application. You can use this option when you have a piece of equipment that is exactly the same or close to an existing piece of equipment. The system will copy the information from the selected permit, except for: Mine Equipment Number; Chassis Serial Number; and Engine Serial Number. 

Follow these steps below to create a new application from an existing permit:

  1. Hover over OHS E-Services. Under MINE PERMITS, click on New Mine Permit.


    From the Home Page, click on the Permits icon.

    Then click on the New Mine Permit link.

  2. If you are NOT logged in, the system requires you to authenticate. If you do not yet have an online account, please create an account. You will also need to add your employer and request access from you Access Administrator to allow you to Apply for Permits online for your employer.
  3. New Mine Permit

    Please select:

    • Employer – select your employer from the list (if you associated to more than one employer); and
    • Mine – select your mine from the list.

    Click on ‘Review Getting Started’ to move to the next step. Please note: If you do not wish to view the ‘Getting Started’, you can click on ‘Continue’ to skip this step.

  4. Application to Operate a Diesel Engine Underground – Getting Started

    The system displays an introductory page that outlines the information/details that are required to complete your application.

    Cancel – if you do not have the information required to submit your application, click on Cancel.

    Continue – Click to move to the next step.

  5. New Underground Diesel Engine Permit:

    Enter the Permit # or Mine Equipment # and click on ‘Start’ in the ‘Same Equipment Type/Manufacturer?’ section. 

    The system will load the permit data.

  6. Please update the information on each step and submit the application to the WSCC.

Please refer to How can I submit an Application to Operate a Diesel Engine Underground? Section for details on how to complete and submit an application.