How Can I View my Online Claims Cost Summary?

1. Mouse over Employer E-Services, and under Claims, click on Claims Cost Summary.


From the Home Page, click on the Claims Cost Summary icon.

2. Claims Cost Summary:

1. Select the employer you wish to view statement details for.
2. Select the year for which you want a claims cost summary.

Note: The report generated includes claims cost for the previous two years. This is because they may have an impact on the claims cost of the year selected.

3. Deselect Include the Claimant Name and ID Number on the report if you would NOT like this information included on the report.

4. Click Generate Report. The system will produce your Claims Cost Summary.

5. You can also print or email your report.

a. Email - Click this button if you would like the system to send a PDF report to your email.
b. Print - Click this button if you would like to generate a PDF report.